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Summer workshop in July 2020

By popular request, we decided to do 3 days of workshops- please check the link below!!

For 5-11 year old kids, July 13th - 15th

Each day is for 2 hours each and you can sign up for a day or all 3 days etc.

The location is at APPLE- Hiroo.

We will have limited spaces of up to 8 kids per day so please apply early if you are interested, just Click this Link and fill out the form ↓

Unfortunately we are offering for only 5 year olds and above this time, but if we get more requests we may be able to do a session for younger kids. 

So please let us know if you are interested in younger kids summer workshop as well. 

We also have sessions for Older kids 12 year olds- 16 year olds!

3 hours of Acting Workshop For 3 Days!

July 7th to 9th in Minamiazabu!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email!

Thank you for reading our happy announcement!!

Best wishes,

Tokyo Bees🐝

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