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About Tokyo Bees

In this fast-moving exciting world of technology, many children are learning to communicate by text, chat apps, emojis and social networking. However because of this, they may lack the essential talking skills necessary for them to speak up with confidence.

Success in later life is often dependent on our development as a child. Building sound verbal communication skills in the early years is paramount to unlocking the world in which we live. 

Verbal communication skills & Language development is the core focus of our programs. When children work on these skills, they naturally become more CONFIDENT and also develop their SOCIAL SKILLS

"Before a child talks they sing. Before they write they draw. As soon as they stand they dance. Art is fundamental to human expression."


- Phylicia Rashad

Confidence is the greatest gift that we can give our children.

 A confident child will try new things, have good social skills, have more self awareness and empathy & will not be scared of failing. Confident children will have the courage to ask questions, state their boundaries or express their ideas. 

Hence as parents and caregivers, it is our goal  to encourage and support our children to build confidence in themselves, as they observe, discover, explore and make choices everyday.

How do we achieve these goals?

By allowing children to learn in an environment that meets their need for fun & curiosity and engaging them in a world of imagination and wonder, we unlock their creative potential and help them to build on vital life skills without the boredom of a traditional classroom setting.

Tokyo Bees Drama lessons are... 


Tokyo Bees is a Company

dedicated towards children’s

Creative Enrichment & holistic development

through Drama & Creative Play. 

Our programs include self development classes for young children, youths and adults through speech and drama lessons, Musical theatre camps, and creative workshops for adults.

We organise family friendly events like story time & Family festivals that encourages community building, bonding and meaningful friendships.

We believe in "setting the scene" for children and families where playing,

learning, and positive engagement all happen together.

About The founder

Tenie B . Sangma, 

Director & Founder Tokyo Bees


Tenie has extensive experience in working with children in educational organizations and schools. She founded Tokyo Bees Drama Academy in 2012 and had since been expanding and offering the program in various International Schools in Tokyo.

She has a Masters’ degree in English Literature Delhi University, Early Childhood Education Diploma ( Modern Montessori Institute, London ) and a Speech and Drama Diploma from the Helen O’Grady Training Centre, Bristol England.

Tenie also specializes in organizing events - ranging from Corporate Creative Workshops, Teacher training sessions, Parenting mentorship and family friendly events like Children’s Musicals, Birthday party services, Mother- child lessons, Storytelling sessions and she recently produced KidZfest Tokyo, an International family festival at Hikarie Shibuya.

A mother of 2, a passionate entrepreneur and a proud multipotentialite. Tenie believes that everyone has a special gift that can contribute towards each other’s growth . She strives to live life by following her own set of 3 Cs - Connections, Collaborations  and a dab of Courage!

Tenie Sangma

Tenie Sangma

Tenie Sangma


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Beautiful Japan #adventuresofmisstenie

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Summer 2023 in  Holland

Summer 2023 in Holland

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About The TEAM


Justin Hansen

Seattle, USA

Justin is from Seattle, USA and loves every second of living in Japan.

Active in theatre since high school,  he went on to major in Theatre Arts and Drama at Washington University. He focused on playwriting and produced four plays whilst also performing with the university’s improvisation group.


Justin lived in New York and worked for a theatre company before moving to Japan to teach English and has continued to remain active in the theatre improvisation community.. 


Justin is an invaluable part of  Tokyo Bees - from teaching in the classroom to writing original plays,taking on acting roles, and is also our in-house prop maker! He brings his high power energy into the classroom and loves to share his unique beat boxing skills with the children.

Meghan Marx.jpg

Meghan Marx

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Before moving to Tokyo with her husband and eleven year old twins, Meghan Marx was an actress living in Brooklyn, NY.  She has a BA in Theater and Dance and has performed across the US in various theater, film and television productions.


Meghan is so excited to have found Tokyo Bees as a bridge from acting to teaching and is a huge advocate for using drama to help communication, imagination, and listening skills in all humans- especially little ones!  


Yukiyo Iwai

Tokyo, Japan

Yukiyo was born in Tokyo, Japan. After graduating University, Yukiyo moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career where she worked in National commercials, film, TV, and theater.  She is a graduate of the Joanne Baron /D.W.Brown Meisner Technique Studio and gained certification for Television and Film from UCLA Extension. In 2015, Yukiyo returned to Japan to produce plays and live musical performances.  

Experiencing art from an early age, she believes in expanding the world for children and deepening their sensitivity and imagination.  By joining Tokyo Bees, she is hoping to share the beauty of truth in an imaginary world with children here in Japan. Yukiyo is really excited to have a wonderful journey with Tokyo Bees!

About Tokyo Bees
About The Founder
About The Team
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