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Our Classes

"Imagination is the beginning of creation.

You imagine what you desire, you Will what you imagine and at last you create what you will."

George Bernard Shaw 

By unlocking a child’s imagination, we open the door to  possibilities.

Children learn to think  out of the box, problem solve, work as a team and express themselves verbally

and non - verbally thus building language & communication skills. 

Great opportunities for learning are possible when children are having fun and participating in creative play. Realizing a child’s potential through drama is key to a child’s healthy development.

Tokyo Bees classes and events facilitate the process  &  celebrate the excitement of learning and help children to :

Build Courage & Confidence in themselves

Recognize their strengths and build on positive solutions that work for them

Help Children to  celebrate diversity and learn empathy & respect 

Help Children develop effective verbal communication skills 


Little Bees Club
ESL Drama
Speech & Drama Class
Tokyo Bees Musical Theatre Work


Summer Drama Extravaganza!


Creative Workshops for Adults

Perfect for teams, project groups, meetings, or corporate retreats, Tokyo Bees Creative Workshops uses Improvisation, Drama, Games, Movement, Art, Mindfulness  & TPR ( Total physical Response) techniques to:


Promote Creative & Adaptive Problem Solving

Think out of the box

Foster Better Communication

Build Trust and Support in Teams

Enhance Focus & Concentration

Communicate More Effectively

Develop Self awareness

Build Empathy & Inter Personal Skills

Creative Workshops For Adults


Story Time: English Story time sessions  are held in collaboration with Public libraries in Tokyo. Sessions are 40 mins long and includes a fun story time, music and crafts!!

Events are Free of charge and open to all ages. For details of our  English StoryTime Schedules and locations click on the links below:

  • Akasaka Public Library

  • Konan Public Library

  • Nishi Kasai Public Library

Family Day: Come and join our special Family Day events- watch a performance, join in the activities and make new friends! 

Join our mailing list and stay updated with the latest schedules 

Entry fees is charged at the door and includes all the activities for the day!

Story Bee
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